Terms of Reference for the Irish Community for Trauma-Informed Archival Practice

1.     Role/Purpose

The Irish Community of Trauma-Informed Archival Practice is an initiative of archivists to provide peer support to the archival community in Ireland working with records and researchers relating to trauma. A Committee has been established to provide strategic direction and guidance to the Irish archival community on issues relevant to this area of archival practice. The initiative is not driven by one organisation or individual, and is intended as a practical forum for archival practitioners working in this area.

The role of the Committee will include:

  • Coordination and organisation of meetings of the Irish archival community;
  • Development of support and training opportunities for the community;
  • Provide information to make record-keepers aware of secondary trauma as an element of professional life;
  • Provide resources to support archivists who wish to develop person-centred approaches to their archival work.

2.     Term

The Committee of the Irish Community of Trauma-Informed Archival Practice will meet for a term of 3 years. Members who resign during their term may be replaced by a representative from a similar area with the consent of the Committee.

3.     Membership of the Committee

Membership will include representatives from a range of relevant bodies and organisations reflecting the archival sector in Ireland.

The Committee is currently comprised of the following individuals:
  • National Archives (Niamh McDonnell, Keeper)
  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Wesley Geddis, Head of Records Management, Cataloguing and Access)
  • Representative nominated by Local Government, Archives and Records Managers Group (Lorraine McLoughlin, Dublin City Archivist)
  • Representative nominated by the Association for Church Archives of Ireland (Nicola Stewart, Archivist, Redemptorist Provincial Archives)
  • Representative of relevant statutory body archives (Alicia Conley, Senior Archivist, Adoption Authority of Ireland)
  • Representative of archival research and training (Dr Elizabeth Mullins, University College Dublin)
  • Representative of university archives (Dr Barry Houlihan, University of Galway, archives)
  • Representative of archival research (Lisa Shortall, Heritage Council)

4.     Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee

  • The Committee of the Irish Community of Trauma-Informed Archival Practice will be chaired by a member to be rotated on a six monthly basis.
  • Members of the Committee are acting in a personal capacity and do not represent the views of their employers.
  • Administrative support will be coordinated by the Chair, with support from all members of the Committee. This will include preparation of agendas, recording of minutes and provision of supporting documentation in a timely manner to enable effective decision making.
  • All members will commit to regular attendance at meetings and input to the work of the Committee.
  • All members will commit to working in a collegial manner, including the sharing of information, to ensure the focus and aims of the Committee are achieved.
  • The Committee will coordinate and monitor progress on the development and implementation of outcomes of meetings of the membership.

5. Meetings of the Community

  • Meetings of the Community will be limited to archival practitioners working in this area.
  • Meetings will be chaired by a member of the Committee to be nominated on a six-month rotating basis.
  • Meetings of the Community will be held on a bi-annual basis.
  • Meetings will normally be held online, but in-person meetings may also be facilitated.
  • The Committee will meet in advance of gatherings of the Community to coordinate and plan.
  • The Chair may call further meetings of the Committee or the Community, if deemed necessary.

6.     Amendment, Modification or Variation

This Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by members of the Committee.

March 2024